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About Me

Edwardteach is an Artist, Composer, Radio Host and Co-Owner of 33 Degrees Fahrenheit.

He Co-Found the NODIVADJS Brand in 2011, and created the e-lectronica company in 2004 to help the artists, brands, labels & Clubs to optimize their target.

Edwardteach has traveled for the last 20 years throughout Spain, Europe, the United States of America and Latin America, playing in the best (and most underground) clubs, festivals and raves on the planet with the best electronic artists.

He has his own Radio Show, NODIVADJS, for 5 years on various FM radios around the world, designed as a great showcase & helping emerging artists to promote themselves and show the world what they are capable of and he also CO-Head Miami Encode Radio.

Edwardteach’s sets are recognized for his meticulous technical work, with a style that can be best described as proper, unusual, and sassy. From his machines, you can hear sounds ranging from dark Techno to pure Melodic, always incorporating percussive elements like his personal signature.

The following milestone in Edwardteach’s artistic progression was marked by his music production, giving him the possibility of express around the world his Art and help himself to make noise in every place of the globe. 

Edwardteach begins 2022 by achieving TOP2 in Beatport’s Techno TOP100, and several TOP2, TOP4 and TOP6 in Melodic House & Techno and Minimal / Deep Tech, proving that it has returned to fill the market with good music,better collaborations and remixes.

We have to highlight his work in DRACONIANS, together with his label partner, Mad Cold, with a Remix of The YellowHeads that is breaking all the world Techno festivals.

These last years for Edwardteach have been very fruitful in terms of publication in physical formats, managing to publish on 12” vinyl together with big artists like The Horrorist in the second reference of the Berlin Invasion label or edit on CD through The Moment Records label.
Edwardteach is a complete artist, with another opportunity to transmit his sounds to anyone who is looking for a sophisticated level of electronic music.